Translating your brand's purpose into visually compelling designs

VISUAL identity

Visual identity is the visual personality of a brand. It includes elements such as logo design, typography, color palette, imagery, and messaging, all of which work together to create a cohesive and consistent look and feel for a brand.

In design, creating a strong visual identity is important because it helps to differentiate a brand from its competitors, establish a clear and consistent message, and build trust and credibility with consumers.

By developing a strong visual identity, a company can effectively communicate its values, mission, and personality to its audience, which can help to build brand loyalty and drive business success.


+ Detailed Questionnaire
+ Logo Suite (Primary, Secondary, Brand Mark)
+ Mood Board
+ Typography System
+ Colour Palette
+ Multi-Page Brand Guideline Document


+ Brand Strategy
+ Social Media Templates
+ Web Design + Development


Brand strategy is the long-term plan for positioning a brand in the market and achieving its business goals. In design, brand strategy is concerned with how a brand is presented to the public and how it is positioned in relation to its competitors. This includes elements such as messaging, target audience, and brand values, as well as the overall look and feel of the brand.

Developing a strong brand strategy is important because it helps to guide the design process and ensure that all design decisions are aligned with the brand's goals and objectives.

By creating a cohesive and consistent brand strategy, a company can effectively communicate its message to its audience and differentiate itself in the market, which can help to build brand loyalty and drive business success.


+ Detailed Questionnaire
+ Market Research
+ Tone & Voice
+ Core Messaging + Values
+ Target Market
+ Creative Direction
+ Multi-Page Brand Strategy Deck summarizing the above


+ Visual Identity
+ Social Media Templates
+ Web Design + Development


We understand the importance of having a website that represents your brand and conveys your message clearly and effectively. That's why we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and develop custom solutions that meet their unique requirements.

*This package is offered with the assumption that the client has their brand identity and strategy already established and will be providing all necessary elements.


+ Single Page or Multi-Page Website
+ Responsive Design/Mobile Optimization
+ In-depth Market Research
+ User Journey + Flow
+ UX + UI Wireframing
+ Design + Development
+ 2 Week Post-Launch Support
+ Basic to Advanced SEO

Not Included | Hosting + Domain fees, Copywriting, Brand Photography.

We offer an Essentials, Signature and Complete Package.
Deliverables change per package.


A little extra somethin' something'. The extra oomf you need to add to your services or just that thing you know you need but don't want to do - we can help!

+ Social Media Templates
+ Pitch Deck Design
+ Presentation Design
+ Stationary Design

Something that's not on the list? Contact us and let's see how we can help.


Not your typical design offering, I know.

Building and designing a brand identity or website is an important part in creating visuals and building your presence and authority but how do they play a part in your overall business strategy?

I've built years of expertise in business consulting through my time working in finance, operations, and corporate securities and building up multiple companies listed on public stock exchanges.

My goal is to help you succeed by providing the insights, strategies, and resources you need to succeed. I believe in the power of collaboration, and I am committed to working with you to create custom solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level, I invite you to get in touch and learn more about how I can help. Together, we can create a plan for success and work towards achieving your goals.


If you're looking for a quick turn around on some items, our Dedicated Day is a full 8 hours dedicated to your design needs. You and I will work together through this time to produce whatever you may need. Email us and let us know what you are looking to accomplish and we can schedule a call to plan your dedicated day.


If you need more than just a single project and looking for a long-term support. This is perfect for covering things such as:

+ Website maintenance, updates, adding pages
+ Social Media Graphics + Maintenance

We develop an agreement together depending on the items needed and dedicated hours per month.

Priority reservation is for client's we have previously worked with. If you are a new client, we are open to discussion. Get in touch about what you need and we can set up a call to see if we can build a relationship together.


We take the time to understand your brand's purpose and story, and use that understanding to create visually compelling designs that help build a strong community.

Our goal is to align with your vision and bring your story to life through our design work.

Let us know if you would like to build with us.